Innovation is beyond classics. Re-travel on the glorious Silk Road.

Knights Craft is a young and new brand, it always insisting on presenting sophisticated furniture with a contemporary look with profound oriental traditional culture and craftsmanship.

Silk Road has been inspiring the brand since its inception. Different cultural styles meet and collide on the Silk Road, the boundaries between East and West become blurred, ancient and modern echo go across time and space.

The Silk Road is not only a road of courage that spreads over the footsteps of traveling caravans, but also a link that makes Eurasian civilizations became more compatible and unified.

From the original series represented by BOW to the latest series represented by INK, all of them reflect an inheritance - the traditional craftsmanship represented by the tenon-and-mortise structure forms the bones of the furniture, intercepts the inspirational elements on the Silk Road, and collides with each other. Combined with modern urban fashion, it explores the possibility of a new look that contemporary Chinese furniture can present.

The artifact has a soul, and the craftsman is humble.

After years of precipitation in China's manufacturing industry, KC Workshop, the predecessor of the Knights Craft, has accumulated a leading level of craftsmanship in the industry.

The factory is located in Shanghai and is over 12,000 square meters. The technical team of craftsmen combining Chinese and foreign colleagues, guarantee the quality of the brand and are also the proud label of Made in China.

"The artifact has a soul, and the craftsman is humble." For Knights Craft, sticking to traditional craftsmanship is the glory of returning to the glorious Silk Road, and it is also the original intention and mission.